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Everyone deserves quality healthcare at an affordable price. This platform is for families and communities that cannot afford health insurance. We are making the HealthCare system affordable and better for people who cannot afford healthcare insurance.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of primary care possible, with a focus on patient care, our plans are designed to minimize healthcare costs. Patients from all backgrounds, as well as those with pre-existing and high-risk conditions, receive the most comprehensive care possible.

Programs We Offer

Clever Health

Clever Health is a virtual care app that will allow you and your family members access to virtual doctor visits for as low as $25! Clever Health doctors can diagnose, treat, and prescribe for most minor illnesses including cold, flu, pink eye, strep throat, sinus infection, prescription refills, and much more! Within the app, you will also have access to additional services of mental health support and prescription discounts. The prescription discounts are available for over 55,000 FDA-approved drugs, and accepted at over 80,000 pharmacies nationwide. Save time on your doctor visits, save money on prescriptions. Download the Clever Health app today for free!


The cost is $125 for all adults and $100 for children 18 and under. The program includes the combination of the two programs, Clever and Clever Healthcare Relief. It also allows you to directly utilize the doctor and be able to see that doctor in person as many times as needed. The concierge medical approach eliminates the high premiums, co-pays, and deductibles of insurance. You will be able to save on prescriptions and have virtual doctor appointments for only $25.


Clever Health Care Relief

Only $25 per month. This program is combined with the Clever program, which includes discounts on hospital stays, surgeries, medical procedures, and erasing old medical bills that you should not be paying. Getting treatment at a hospital is very expensive. Hospital treatment costs can be significantly reduced with Clever Healthcare Relief. Patients can find treatment at a very affordable price. Don't go to the hospital unless you need to be hospitalized. Get free or discounted hospital care with Healthcare Relief.

Chai Program

Chai offers affordable, predictive, and precision medicine through a virtual primary care network. Employers save on costs, retain top talent, and enhance productivity with 24/7 access to doctors, mental health support, and wellness programs. Individual and family plans are available for comprehensive health benefits. Individual plan - $150/month and Family Plan - $300/month

For Group - Employer Plans Call @  1-888-242-7139

Our Vision

We are building a bridge between patients and healthcare providers. We are committed to making the healthcare system affordable for patients who are unable to afford healthcare insurance. Patients and communities are directly connected to healthcare providers.

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