Know The Man Behind This Concept

Dean Farrell Morgan is a serial entrepreneur. Born in Chicago IL, and raised in Park Forest IL. moved to Dallas, TX. He started several businesses and made them successful. Opened a successful Insurance agency that has been in business for 39 years. He is the owner of Baby Boomer Buddy’s non-emergency medical transport. The reasons behind his success are his special set of skills and attributes; agility, patience, his resilience.

He has a B.S. degree in the Esoteric Theological Seminary. He is a very passionate person and this passion guided him toward an extraordinary path. In 2009, Dean wrote an outline for a healthcare program that later became the foundation of Obamacare.

Dean Morgan specialty on Healthcare goes beyond anyone’s imagination. SMC will also be able to discount on Dental , chiropractor, eyes and hearing loss. SMC will also discount on all specialty items like having babies, sex change and obesity. Most companies won’t even look at you before they over charge these areas. We will be helping everyone at a fraction of the cost. We designed all those clinics you see everywhere so everyone can get help quickly and affordable. We are partnering with several healthcare companies, charities and foundations to help everyone save money and be able to live a better life. You will be able to see the specialty doctors and pay them one price every month. Also a percentage of the profit from these programs on this site will be going to feed the hungry. This program does not care if you have a social security card or if you have a pending or current health condition. The program is designed to replace all health insurance programs, and be able to save you thousands.

A person with many talents

He is a Creator of Sheldon Mashugana. Actor, writer, producer, and director. Won 175 film awards for Best Actor, Best Director, Best International film, Best Short Film, and Best Comedy short. Played Hoffa in Hillary’s America. Dean Morgan III IMDB, Agent Beverly Brock and manager Icon Studios. RJ Garis Publicist, Supporting in the film Ghoster won 290 film awards and take out 175. He is a Rabbi and did a Netflix wedding from Delirium TV, love is blind Netflix show. Mostly play policemen in over 100 films.


Acting; Dean Morgan III IMDB, Agent Beverly Brock and manager Icon Studios. Supporting in the film Ghoster. The supporting actor played a Businessman in Just Believe from Mac’s Entertainment. Did lead in an insurance TV commercial and voice-over on Dallas KTXA 21, and did lead in a promotional marketing film for Verizon. Supporting actor in Party Girl Web series. Playing Gene Wilder in a Richard Pryor Tribute in KC.